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We extend the capabilities of both Rails and Stimulus by intercepting user interactions and passing them to Rails over real-time websockets. These interactions are processed by Reflex actions that change application state. The current page is quickly re-rendered and the changes are sent to the client using CableReady. The page is then morphed to reflect the new application state. This entire round-trip allows us to update the UI in 20-30ms without flicker or expensive page loads.
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Dave Kimura
Dave Kimura

May 17, 2020

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def puts_red(heredoc)
  puts set_color heredoc, :red

if !defined?(Webpacker)
  puts_red 'Webpacker was not installed. Adding it now...'
  gem 'webpacker'
  rails_command 'webpacker:install'

gem 'stimulus_reflex'
run 'bundle install'
rails_command 'stimulus_reflex:install'

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