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Add complex functionality to your application quickly. Open documentation on what you're running, nothing hidden.

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The growing library of templates provide quick and easy development of features to your Ruby on Rails applications.

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Once you find your feature, copy and paste the provided link into the terminal of your Rails application.

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Your application now has the added feature. Follow any additional instructions and start coding away with the newly added feature.

New templates added constantly
powered by the community.

The community drives the templates because it is the community which consumes them.

Suggesting Templates

A feature may be too complicated or out of scope of your project, yet it is still needed. Make a suggestion of a template to be created and the community may pick it up.

Design your own templates

The template DSL is nothing proprietary. It is Ruby on Rails' application templates. However, they're slimmed down on a feature basis. Develop your own and share it with the community!

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All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

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Can I use Rubidium for my clients projects?

Absolutely. The license follows the developer.


How should I use the templates?

Always start on a branch where all commits are staged. You'll want to make sure that the features is a good fit for your application. It might be a good starting place or the solution you were looking for.


Will this work on existing projects?

Yes. You should always review the templates before using them. However, they are designed with flexibility in mind. Templates are small snippets of code which modify existing Ruby on Rails applications.


Can anything be made a template?

Sort of. Really complex features have too many open questions to be done automatically. Get in touch with us to see what we can do to help.


Does it work with Rails? Hamani? Sinatra?

The templates are designed for Ruby on Rails. They will likely not work with Hamani, Sinatra or other Ruby frameworks.


What version of Ruby on Rails is supported?

The app:template feature was added to Rails 5.0.0 and later.

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